A Partner in Transformation

We provide cutting edge business consultancy to empower organizational and personal brands in competitive environments.

We develop ideas and project plans that lead to provision of relevant services or goods that enhance the quality of life of rural and semi-urban communities through partnerships and collaborations with different stakeholders. Our projects focus on three key areas that fulfill our mission: training, research, and business development


Renewable and Efficient Energy Production and Research

Renewable and efficient energy production research enhances the capacity of rural communities to grow sustainable systems in agriculture and cottage industries. Local production systems suffer the absence of sustainable energy and community-based enterprises often suffer the challenge of reduced productivity as a result.

Our focus is to enhance both research and community participation in exploring effective and efficient energy production for the purpose of promoting community development. This research involves enhancing energy production for three main purposes: agricultural activities, demand and supply value-chains, and local
community enterprises.


Community Development

Development is a global term that happens with a local context. The underlying influence of growth lies in the capacity of each community to harness local resources to grow sustainable systems in business, culture, and social issues.

Our stated goal in this program is to influence such progress through proactive dialogues that influence the capacity of different communities and promoting their work through networking and resource mobilization. We aim to promote learning and resource centers that aid in this process.


Enterprise Development and Training Consultancy

Enterprise development through training and coaching is perhaps the most sustainable means of improving livelihoods. Youthful populations are struggling to bridge the unemployment gap through individual enterprises. However, the skillsets in an ever increasingly demanding entrepreneurship environment requires significant support from experts to guide them through this process.

We aim to continuously offer training programs that build their capacity and promote the development of sustainable and profitable enterprises that can positively contribute to national and county-driven development.


Conferences and Pitch Competition

One of the most significant processes for entrepreneurs involves the development of strong networks that can influence growth through learning. Second to this process is the positive power of competitions. We therefore aim to build strong conferences as well pitch competitions with the capacity to grow reliable networks that propel community development, enterprise development, training consultancy, and renewable and efficient energy production.

We believe through conferences, seminars, and pitch competitions, we shall strengthen the capacity for long - term business development in various programs.