Simeon has 9 years experience in working with NGOs and early stage start-ups. He has, in various capacities; assisted organizations develop strategic plans, marketing strategies, training manuals, and conference moderation and facilitation (2019).

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Mr. Simeon Ogonda from Millennial Legacy Company also shared with the managers the importance of preparing their students for the competitive job market. Some of the key strategies to be considered were: communally professional mapping, networking, industrial attachments and volunteering (2020).

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“Our education system prepares graduates to be job seekers. Most graduates come out of school expecting employment, which, in most cases, is not there,” Ogonda said. “Involving students in business activities when [they are] still on campus allows them to sharpen their skills and experiences enough to be able to start their own projects immediately after they leave university (2015).

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One of the most enduring lessons of this project that I have come to realize is that very small businesses have the capacity and potential to succeed like any other business if they receive proper business support to strengthen their systems. I believe these project activities have strengthened the position of these women enterprises in Kisumu and that scaling this solution will potentially reduce the number of businesses that fold within the first year of operation (2019).

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